Philippines Tire Repair

I had a tire with a slow leak so I stopped at a nearby vulcanizing shop to get it fixed. I have had tires repaired in Canada and the process had some major differences. For everyone’s education – nothing on the car was scratched, including the wheels and quarter panels.

Blower Motor Problems | Auto Repair Help

Blower motor problems video highlighting diagnostic procedures for Diy car mechanics. If you have a Dodge truck or Chevrolet with HVAC issues, more information is available below (Show More). Proper electrical diagnosis of automotive blower motors will help prevent replacing the wrong parts. Someone asked how to check for a good ground so I added a video here showing 2 methods of testing ground integrity.

I added a video that talks about what to do if the blower motor runs all the time even when the keys are pulled from the ignition.

The blower motor is a common heater/AC repair within the skill level of many driveway mechanics. Special article for Dodge Durango and Dakota owners with blower problems For additional blower help visit this article.

(EN) [Tayo Car Game] #10 Repair Truck

We know our mechanic Hana always there to share her help for broken or sick cars and buses. But, when Hana hears troubled cars or buses on the road, how does she get to the site? That’s right – our pink car “Heart” is there to give rides to Hana. Also, there’s repair truck to pick up broken cars or buses.

Hana got on Heart the repair truck and rushed out! ‘Oh, no! I gotta get to the repair shop and get fixed.’ Press Hana to scan the broken car and check which part to be fixed. Mechanics like Hana always do there best to keep our cars in best condition. Let’s say thank you to make our driving safe!

Tayo car game is very fun and easy! Pewdiepie loves this game too, you know?

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How To Change A Timing Belt In Your Car

Emmy Award Winning mechanic Scotty Kilmer shares his 46 years of repair experience in his video illustrating how to replace an engine timing belt. If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every Saturday morning at 10 AM CST on YouTube. I answer your car questions LIVE there. Just check it out at . And remember, every TUESDAY I upload a new video, so don’t miss them.

How to paint a Car at home yourself! All Car Painting steps one video!

See all the car painting steps from how to repair a body panel to prepare the surface and to paint a damaged panel on a car in one video.

If you are looking to get your own car painted and you need to do the job yourself on the very “cheap” then learning the step by step and painting it yourself at home is the only way to go!
Keep in mind, that there are multiple ways to accomplish each task that you are about to embark on. The information included here is “SIMPLIFIED” but does get the job done, there are other techniques and other processes that may produce slightly better results (blending, spot painting with blend) but this is the information that I felt best for beginners….

Have fun and DIY….

How to Repair a Sagging Headliner — PT 1 of 2

Sagging car headliner repair glue fix … Sagging Headliner Repair

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Klowny1969 thirdgen second generation camaro firebird chevelle nova corvette

Best Head Gasket Sealer For Headgasket Leaks (visit my site for more tips)

Did your mechanic tell you your car has a headgasket leak? I get TONS of questions like this everyday and many of them are NOT head gasket leaks. I made this video to help you determine if you DO or DO NOT have an internal coolant leak.

The FIRST, FIRST, FIRST thing you need to do is get a cooling system pressure test. This fast and cheap test will help you determine if you have an internal or external coolant leak.

If you are absolutely sure there are no external leaks, and the radiator is not restricted and the electric radiator cooling fans are working, then try this awesome sealer.

The product is called Engine Block Sealer, made by K&W. They have the old version in a hard metal can and their new and “improved” version in a green plastic bottle called Nano Technology. Both seem to work just fine.

I do not personally use the product as the instructions on the can say (been using it my way for years with a 75-80% success rate and its much easier)

My instructions for using K&W Block Sealer are:

1. Drain out all coolant from radiator as you possibly can.

2. Get a bucket and mix up the block sealer with tap water

3. Pour contents of the bucket into the radiator, top off with tap water

4. Then put 500 miles on the car as soon as you can

5. After 500 miles drain out the mix and reinstall coolant and water as needed

The seal should be permanent

You will NOT have boil over or freeze protection during this time period so please keep the engine from freezing and overheating.

And no, I do not remove the spark plugs or the thermostat as the can says.. Just the steps above.

Hope this helps, visit my sites for more cool tips and information

Car Damage Repair (Part 2)

Recorded 5/10/10
NOTE: NOT a Car Care Expert, or claim to be.
Paint was purchased from the dealer, being nobody had a match in-stock.

With as much of the “Darlington Stripes” removed as I can get off, I now use touch-up paint to restore the color, as close as possible.

NOTE: A couple coats were applied later, where the bare carbon fiber spots were. They now appear the correct color. Also note, I did not miss any spots, as it might appear as I did on video. That “missed spot” is just a reflection.